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In a transforming spiral, dancer Mano Amaro leads us to a destination of movements, made through skillful gestures, steps and beats deeply rooted in ancestral rites and life experiences of the Afro-Brazilian culture.
His performances transits through the different dimensions of a common man’s body showing universal references to gestural dances as well as the peculiar characteristics of the region that the artist comes from – the extreme South of Brazil, land mostly known by the presence of European immigrants. Nevertheless, layers of a cultural body are revealed through the art of Mano that makes us to perceive this hidden cultural treasure.
The dance is characterized as a manifestation of the roots of black resistance responsible for culture in Brazil. As an expression of the events of everyday life, such as joy, sadness, pain, spirituality, the relationship between man and nature, the dance goes beyond mere self-expression and makes sense, as an evocation of the collective language track.
Black culture provides a profound relationship between body and dance, and products in the same sense of life founded on the relationship between human beings and nature.
Thus, dance is a representation of the existence of each person, becomes present in every moment of life.
In all these moments that make this dance the drum, whose sound is used in different ways, in various shades and intensities.
The african dance in Brazil was in many ways, varying according to the African nations that have contributed to the formation of black people, according to the pace and characteristics of the Orishas (gods) and the second re-creations made within a multicultural and multiethnic society like Brazil.
Through the development of an awareness, and the dance as a driving force I am proposing the african-Brazilian dance to the whole European community. Developing coordination specific and general release, rhythm, balance, flexibility, strength and speed through an elaborate work, sorting in ascending order of moves, body to promote disinhibition and motivation is vital for the assimilation of these physical qualities.